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More thrills and opportunities

Our in-game tournaments provide your players a social experience that melds into their game experience. With in-game tournaments, players enjoy full immersion while relishing the social, competitive spirit.
In-Game Display
Give your players everything they need, in a single glance. In-game tournament displays mean that your players effortlessly know where they stand all times.
Maintaining Immersion
No fuss, no muss. Players don’t have to put in any extra effort or leave the game they came for, to be part of the extra fun.
Ranked Tournaments
This is responsible gaming at its best. Creating an even playing field for players who want a chance at unique prizes while play the game they love, the way they love to play it.
Create an Even Playing Field
Reward players for their actual gameplay and prize contribution. Set up prizes and schedules that match your players’ gaming style.
Flexible Reward System
Not everyone is made the same, so why should the schedules and prizes be? Define your prize schedules, sizes, and how many of each you want to give.
Define Your Own Bet Ranges
You know your players best. Define bet ranges that make the most sense for you and your players. Each bet range can have its own prize size, with its own schedule.
Easy Integration
It is always our top priority to make our tools intuitive to use and easy integrate. Whether it means using a single API or a dedicated backend that allows our tools to modify for your needs with ease.

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The Revolutionary Reward System
No wagering requirementsmaintains original gameplaysupports all gamesEasy to integrate
More opportunities. More Engagement.
Thrilling cross-game jackpotsFully configurable Branded PanelEngaged playersEasy to integrate

Safe and responsible play ahead!

We take responsible gaming seriously. Please, confirm you are of a legal age to play online games by entering your date of birth.