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Vinci La Gallina Deluxe™
Vinci La Gallina Deluxe™Game name
Apr, 2021Release year

Vinci La Gallina Deluxe™

Game summary

Hot on the heels of the famous Vinci La Gallina comes, Vinci La Gallina Deluxe™. Now it’s an exciting 3 reelgame. Get golden symbols on all 3 reels and you’ll fill up the 3 Cash Towers faster. Take the cashpot before you see the Wolf, he resets all back to zero.

Game Features

Game Rules and Feature
Game Rules and Feature
Vinci La Gallina Deluxe™ is a 3-reel game with Wild, Wolf and golden symbols. There are 3 types of golden symbols: bells, stars and lucky horseshoes. Each type has a corresponding Cash Tower above the reels. Each golden symbol may consists of 1, 2 or 3 elements. When symbols land they increase the corresponding Cash Tower by 1, 2 or 3 levels accordingly, and this payout is added to the Cashpot. After the Cash Tower is completely filled any additional matching symbol pays out the prize, that is shown above it. If the number of matching symbols is greater than the visible number of steps, the special indicator appears showing the number of exceeding steps. A win amount for each exceeded step is moved directly to the balance.The Wild symbol updates all towers:•1 Wild symbol updates Cash Towers by 2 steps;•2 Wild symbols update Cash Towers by 4 steps;•3 Wild symbols update Cash Towers by 8 steps.The win amount on the towers changes with the bet amount. A player can change the bet only when the Cashpot is empty.

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