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Multi Diamond
Multi DiamondGame name
Nov, 2018Release year

Multi Diamond

Game summary

Spin right now for some dazzling wins in this classic slot featuring Wild Multipliers! All 3 Wild Diamond symbols multiply wins when substituting. The theme symbols can combine to make wins! Multi Diamond is connected to GRC.

Game Features

GRC Grand Rewards Club
GRC Grand Rewards Club
The game is connected to unique cross-game retention tool - Grand Rewards Club™ (GRC™).Grand Rewards Club™ is an exclusive cross-game retention solution, designed to increase player value automatically. GRC™ brings together a variety of games with a multi-pool prize fund. Each player who plays the game connected to Grand Rewards Club™ joins the Tournament and the Challenge Sessions automatically and accumulates free coins that can be redeemed for cash – absolutely for free for the player! Grand Rewards Club includes the following components:• Tournament Jackpot – ongoing rank-based competition, whose winner gets the jackpot prize. A newtournament starts every few minutes• Piggy Rewards - enables players to progress to higher VIP levels, and to redeem free coins for cash• Challenges - reward players with a cash bonus once they complete the Challenge

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