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Cai Shen Da Hai
Cai Shen Da HaiGame name
Mar, 2020Release year

Cai Shen Da Hai

Game summary

Fight undersea creatures for enormous riches in this action-packed, feature-filled shooting game. Capture the crabs for more prizes or upgraded guns. Trigger the Vortex, Crab Feature and Chain Reaction features and win more prizes! Shoot Cai Shen to win big!

Game Features

The Vortex feature is triggered by certain fish appearing with the vortex bubble around them. Once the player kills the fish inside the vortex, all fish of the same kind on the screen will be sucked into the vortex. The payouts of all fish sucked into the vortex will be accumulated and added to the player’s balance.
Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
The Chain Reaction feature is triggered by certain fish inside the chain reaction bubbles. Once the fish in the chain reaction bubble is killed, this will trigger the chain reaction and result in some random fish on the screen getting killed too.

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