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Skywind’s Wild Wild Cash Out: One Reel with so much Action.


The incredible popularity of Joker’s Luck showed Skywind that there are many players who enjoy simple classic reels as much as titles with lots of shiny, flashy features. Wild Wild Cash Out their latest slot, is another single reel with entertaining gameplay that’s easy to pick up.

Styled like an old slot machine you’d find in the back corner of a western theme restaurant, Wild Wild Cash Out is a very straightforward game, players spin the reel and if a symbol lands in the middle then its value goes into the Cashpot.


There are multipliers that increase the Cashpot up to 50x and an Instant Win symbol that awards the player the amount in the Cashpot without resetting it. The Cashpot amount can be taken at any time, the challenge is when to take it. There is one more key symbol, a steer’s Skull, this can land anytime in the game and when it does, it resets the Cashpot, losing everything you have accumulated so far.

The “shall I or shan’t I” dilemma is such a simple device that makes every single spin count, creating constant anticipation and a totally gripping playing experience.


Wild Wild Cash Out is a slot that is all about its simple engaging gameplay. It can be picked up and played by gamers of all experience levels, a fundamental that is at the heart of every good game.

Wild Wild Cash Out is out October 14, 2021. 

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