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Live in Italy with Lottomatica

We are extremely happy to announce we went today LIVE with Lottomatica, one of the most important groups in the legal gaming market in Italy.

Skywind continues to establish their position in the Italian market as their games are added to one of the most popular local online casinos – Lottomatica. Integration was set up with TUKO, a local platform provider and third-party aggregator, specialising in the Italian market, partner of Skywind since 2020.

Lottomatica is the most important group in the legal gaming market in Italy and one of the major players in Europe, market leader in all segments of operations (mainly sports betting, online gaming and gaming machines). is one of the best-known gaming sites in the country offering local players a large suite of products including live games, sportsbook, bingo, poker and, of course, slots.

Lottomatica has selected a number of popular Skywind titles that will go live with the casino one by one as regulator consent is received for each of them. The first game to hit Lottomatica’s list is the amusing and lively Vinci La Gallina which was developed specifically for Italian players. Vinci La Gallina’s entertaining tower climbing feature and great gameplay have already made it popular among Italian slot fans. Other games that will be available are the popular Joker’s Luck, Super Lion & 8 Tigers Gold Megaways

For Skywind, expanding into Italian market has been a challenging yet a very rewarding mission. Italy is one of the biggest gaming markets in Europe and stepping into it is a great opportunity for every game provider. Skywind plans to continue to create games tailored to the Italian audience and will be bringing many great titles to Lottomatica players in future.

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